Here’s to the evolution of consciousness. My hope is to inspire and encourage people to recognise the artist within and to do art that contributes to a deeper sense of the spiritual and consciousness in creation.

About Me

I am a lover of philosophy, books, learning and storytelling. My passions are art, creative thinking and inspiring others to be and think creatively. My vision is the spiritual dimension of art, moving beyond the world of concrete form to that deeper dimension of being. Explore my website to discover more about me and my work.

In my work, access to the dimension of creation gives birth to a story offering spiritual insights and paths of human imagination. My work is intended to be a portal into creative thinking and different spiritual dimensions of being. Creative energy is the core from which all things are born.

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My Paintings and Posters

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My Tarot Card Decks

The Journey to Enlightenment

Created in 2021, The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot Pack was created in collaboration with Selena Joy Lovett. Pack contains 78 cards.

Packs are available at selected bookshops.

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The Unicorn Path Oracle Deck

The Unicorn Path Oracle Pack is due for release in August 2024 and is available to pre-order in selected bookshops now.